What does our office offer?

Developing a beautiful smile depends upon relationships and teamwork. Orthodontics is much more than just straightening teeth. It’s about working together to achieve the goals of a beautiful smile with proper alignment, fit and function of the teeth.  Because most orthodontic treatment takes a year or two to complete, we are able to develop a personal relationship with each individual patient which is perhaps the most enjoyable and satisfying aspect of the orthodontic process. Having the opportunity to observe an individual grow and mature, to be a friend and to be a part of someone’s’ life is very rewarding for us.


For over 25 years, your Colorado Springs orthodontist Dr. Ed Poremba has been providing his patients with exceptional smiles. Prior to becoming an orthodontist Dr. Poremba was a general dentist in San Francisco, CA during which time he was also an instructor at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. Dr. Poremba is board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics and is currently an examiner, on the Board, of other orthodontists seeking board certification. Orthodontics is a very dynamic profession and requires continual study and education to stay current.  Dr. Poremba and four additional orthodontists formed a study group over 20 years ago and their group has continued to meet on a monthly basis to review cases, share their collective knowledge and experience and review new techniques and procedures. More than anything else, this professional relationship has allowed Dr. Poremba to stay on the cutting edge of the orthodontic profession.


The majority of our patients are referred for an orthodontic evaluation by their regular dentist. However a referral from your dentist is not necessary to make an appointment for an evaluation. We receive many referrals from current and former patients, neighbors, associates at work, friends and other family members. An individual is never too young or old for an orthodontic evaluation. We have had patients as young as four years old and as old as 80. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic evaluation at or around the age of seven. Most seven year olds will not require orthodontic treatment, however, even at seven we can identify developing problems or issues and begin to formulate a plan and determine the timing for future orthodontic treatment.


Most of our younger patients that are not ready for orthodontic treatment go on recall. Recall simply means having patients back, following their initial exam, to see how they are doing. Recall appointments can be from as little as three months up to a year. It is not unusual for us to follow a patient for several years prior to initiating any orthodontic treatment. The benefits to following a patient on recall, prior to treatment, are that we can monitor their dental eruption as well as their growth and development. It also gives us an opportunity to get to know them and get a feel for their personality. Knowing these factors prior to treatment can help us to develop a treatment approach that is very specific for that particular individual. There is no charge for recall visits.